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               Behavioral Health

                    Supporting skills and lifestyles for optimal health & wellness, resilience, and success.

"Coaching isn't therapy. It's product development, with you as the product." -- Fast Company

Individual, Group (e-workshops), EAP/Corporate

Services Note:

Services do not include counseling, psychotherapy, or medical treatment of any kind of diagnosed condition, pain, trauma, or suffering.  LebenWell services focus on practical, science based, professional behavioral support, guidance, and mentoring toward clarification and achievement of health, wellness, and life goals, personal and career fulfilment, optimal relationships and lifestyle, happiness, success, and life satisfaction.  Services do not focus on symptom and diagnosis oriented treatment, curing, remediation, or recovery;  Coaching has an active forward-looking focus emphasizing learning and development, self-regulation, effective resourcing, experimentation, accountabilty, and consistent action.

Services Update, August 2023 - February 2024:   


New bookings are currently available for clients from EAP and/or contracted referral sources only.

Please check back for updates.  For immediate self-help (assessments, resources, internet-based guided iCoaching/iTherapy programs, forms, Apps, manuals, links), please click on Links/Resources (menu bar), or click here.  Thank you for your interest in LebenWell Behavioral Health Coaching services!

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