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Achieve your Health Goals, Live Well, and Flourish


  • Assess your health and wellness lifestyle needs and set appropriate goals

  • Start wherever you are at in the process and build positive momentum with manageable and consistent steps for successful and sustainable results 

  • Collaborate effectively with your allied health and medical providers -- 

       optimally manage and take effective action for your health condition 

  • Get informed about health and wellness choices and their consequences

  • Guide you in best science and consensus based health and wellness practices, Integrative Med options inclusive, to achieve desired outcomes

  • Create the context for successful behavior and lifestyle modification through empowerment and motivational support consistent with your life circumstances, strengths, resources, and values

  • Have a roadmap and a reinforcing, accountable structure for the process

  • Sustain the process and effectively deal with obstacles and challenges

  • Develop and leverage inner / outer resources for wellness and flourishing

  • Establish healthy habits, and make health and wellness a way of life

Focus areas:  Health habits, wellness lifestyle optimization, prevention, chronic conditions, stress, inflammation, energy and vitality, resilience, self-regulation, mind-body and mental health, sleep, exercise, nutrition, social connection, complementary/lifestyle therapies integration, brain health.

  Private individualized Coaching Sessions     

Request free 10 - 15 minute initial consultation, click here.

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