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                                "Coaching isn't therapy. It's product development, with you as the product." -- Fast Company

 Option 1 - Coaching on Specific Issues

Coaching for Results What is "it" are you struggling with?  

Skill gap?  Lacking clarity or structure?  Stuck?  Next move?  Career fit?  Strategy?  Burned out?  Performance?  Something missing?  Feeling lost?  Disconnected?  Highly Sensitive?  Wondering if it matters?  Contribution and value?  Connections and relationships?  Drifting?  Joy and Mojo?  State?  Learning?   Start /  finish?  Poor focus?  Unfulfilled?  Fears (e.g. risk, loss)?  Balance?  Lacking resources?  Disempowered?  Confidence?  Competence?  Need better habits and routines?  Low energy and motivation?  Efficiency / productivity?  Environmental / cultural mismatch?  Lifestyle?  Grit?  Motivated?  Boundaries?  Had enough? Options?  Future proofing?  How to know?  Incongruent / out of alignment?  In over your head? Next level? Growth? Transition and change?  Engaged? Spinning your wheels?  Want more?  Regret worries?  Lacking joy?  Readiness? Commitment? Mindful?  Effective? Leadership? Patience? Resilient?  Side hustle?  Purpose and passion?  FOMO? Obstacles?  Overwhelm?  Clutter?  Action?  Ambivalent?  Need to connect the dots?  Repurposing?  Less than your best?

Whatever "it" is for you, coaching is designed to positively address your relationship and action toward "it" and into the satisfying results you desire or will uncover.  When you are so in "it" and responding or reacting to life out of "it", you often can`t see the forest for the trees, too in "it" to know what to do, where to begin, or even consider viable alternatives to "it".  Just living and dealing with "it" can dim the larger view, your resources, and the "what / how" of action to take.  'Issues coaching' is about supporting YOU --in structure and process-- to effectively move through and forward from whatever "it" is.


Through a collaborative and empowering accountability structure, 'issues coaching' helps YOU get clear, aligned, motivated, resourced, ready, and take effective action to positively impact "it".

What do you need to be clear on and do each day to be who and where you want to be,

doing what matters effectively with joy, love, and alivening purpose?

Coaching in multiple niches

--subject matter consulting options inclusive--


  • Resilience: resourcefulness, agility, mindfulness, strengths, confidence, energy, ease

  • Assessment: well-being, values, strengths, flourishing, career, happiness...

  • Career: alignment, satisfaction, performance, new directions, contribution, upgrade

  • Optimized lifestyle: positive habits, performance, gratitude, meaning, flourishing

  • Relationships: enrichment, growth, loving, EQ, repair, aligning, care, belonging

  • HSP / INFJ - introvert/highly sensitive personality, self-regulation, support, thrive

  • Expatriates and repatriating expats - cultural resilience, grit, adaptation, integration

  • EFT (TFT) Tapping for self-care, confidence, performance, resilience, and best self

  • Adult learner (higher ed) and graduate student success, growth and grit mindset

  • Connecting the dots: life integration; transformative growth/development; legacy

  • Focus/Energy: organization, will-power, grit, getting it done, flow, accountability

  • Behavioral solutions: Building/leveraging skills, capacities, perspective, support

Note:  All coaching involves some degree of BOTH Options 1 and 2, which only represent the 'entry' points for coaching.

Option 2  -- Directional, Transformational Coaching

A life coach is your supportive ally to help you:

  • Reaffirm and live by your values and lead a meaningful, intentional, and fulfilling life

  • Become more resilient, adaptive, and develop skill in navigating challenges, obstacles, change, transitions, and stress; clear out distractions, junk

  • Learn skills to become more mindful, self-compassionate, and optimally self-regulating 

  • Get clearer on what you stand for, your "no regrets" life purpose and direction, be decisive 

  • Define what you need and want, by when, and how you plan to get there with persistent action

  • Uncover, articulate, and effectively leverage your strengths, talents, needs, and inner guidance

  • Develop greater confidence, 'letting go' skills, trust, proactive initiative, and benefit from failure

  • Find and leverage resources, inner and outer, to your advantage, and commit to staying the course

  • Develop habits and routines to optimize growth, performance, and value in different contexts

  • Eliminate energy drains; add what enlivens you

  • Develop effective response capacities and flexibility for optimized and aligned performance toward the next level 

  • Live with greater acceptance, gratitude and appreciation while growing, learning, and developing yourself

  • Learn how to better experiment with life, keep learning along the way, and move forward with courage and grace

  • Get better at relating, creating alliances, networking, connecting, presence, and meaningfully relating

  • Find a greater balance to optimize your life in mind-body-spirit within self, culture, and nature with flow and ease

  • Manage integral aspirations to "wake up, clean up, grow up, and show up" to live in balance and integrity

  • Develop self-mastery and effectiveness in what matters to you most and enjoy living at your best across life roles

  • Get to know and accept yourself better; gain awareness and perspective;  be "present" to yourself and others

  • Know how to say and commit to a clear "yes" and "no

  • Create the space in your life to attract success and thrive

  • Love, live and work well... and have your own back!


Primary Coaching Models Used

   Integrative - GOOD / CAAACS (Auerbach), GROW, ACT Based, Solution Focused, Cognitive Behavioral, Motivational Interviewing, EVB Behavioral Health, Spiritual/Transpersonal (SQ21), Integral, Appreciative Inquiry, Somatic, SoC Trans-Theoretical, Transformational (Co-Active), Intuitive, Narrative, EVB Positive Psychology

OPTION 3 - Special, Tailored, and Structured Coaching Programs

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How is Coaching different from Counseling and Therapy?

"Coaching isn't therapy. It's product development, with you as the product." -- Fast Company

In brief, it can be said that coaching focuses practically on valued goal attainment, intentional living, and moving forward in a collaborative, success focused, client driven way, while counseling and therapy focuses on healing and the treatment of diagnosable conditions, often looking backward in a problem oriented, clinical, and therapist or symptom driven way.  Another way to put this is that coaching emphasizes strengths, learning, and strategic action toward what one wants, while counseling and therapy place more emphasis on processing feelings, alleviating problematic functioning, and overcoming what one does not want.  Coaching moves toward living in aligned integrity, effectiveness in life, and thriving;  counseling and therapy tend to move toward diagnosis/symptom oriented remediation, healing, recovery, and restoration.  Coaching focuses on applying the principles of positive psychology, neuroscience, coaching, and behavior change to move relatively healthy people forward in life toward meaningful goals and mindful, fulfilling, values consistent living by building on what's right with the person drawing on their strengths, resources, and potentials.  It is NOT, as with counseling and therapy (generally), applied to diagnose, treat, cure, heal or otherwise directly deal with trauma, grief, disorders, emotional pain and suffering, attachment or substance use issues, mental and developmental problems, psychological ailments, medical diagnoses or treatment, or anything otherwise "wrong" and unhealthy about a person.  The coaching process and outcomes, can, indeed, support treatment goals and be experienced and viewed as healing, preventative, and therapeutic, and the coaching process is structured to promote health, wellbeing, desired behavior change, and positive transformation, but its focus is not on healing and therapy;  the coaching focus is centered on desired futures, building capacities and skills (e.g. mindfulness, self-regulation, organization, health and wellness), leveraging strengths and resources toward valued goals and lifestyle, maximizing resourcefulness and personal / professional potential, and more empowered, mindful,  intentional, meaningful, joyful, and effective living overall.  Coaching is a practical, positive, and forward looking means of support aimed at purposeful alignment, growth and development, performance, effectiveness, fulfillment, and success.

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