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Align and RenewSM

A 6-Session Structured

Coaching Program

of Building Clarity and Taking Stock of Your Life to Ground Your Pathway to Who and Where You Want to ...and Can Be

Take stock of what matters to unstick and move you forward with clarity and confidence!

"You can't manage what you don't measure."   

"Step 1: see it as it is, but not worse than it is.  Step 2: see it better than it is, set your standard, and act!"

--Tony Robbins 

The 6 sessions of this intensive program center around gaining clarity, planning, and action prompted by six key questions:  Who are you?  What matters to you?  What's your story?  Where are you now in relation to what you want (vision)?  How will you prioritize goals and maintain energized focus for effective action?  How will you overcome what gets (what's been) in the way and be accountable to yourself?  Along the way, you will participate in assessments (online, paper) to get updated measures and understanding of your:


  • Values and Strengths*

  • Character and Talent* Strengths

  • Career Satisfaction and Interest

  • Personality / Career Personality

  • Life-Work Integration (balance)

  • Developmental Milestones

*Additional Assessment cost: SDS Career Fit Assessment - $10; Talent Strengths (Clifton) - $20; Strengths Profile - $11

  All others are incorporated into the program at no additional cost and are publically available free of charge.

The 6-session coached program will also include:

  • Creating a reflective 'milestones synopsis' of your life and/or professional identity to date

  • Processing and reflection prompts toward areas of focus and goals stemming from assessments 

  • Creating a vision statement, mapping a path forward, and enacting initial steps

  Six 30-minute coaching sessions

Assessments, structured exercises, and action steps are done in preparation for the 30 minute coaching sessions, not during!

Are you feeling misaligned and lackluster, ready to make a change?  Do you want that change to come from a place of inner clarity and enlivened purpose?  Perhaps you've had your sights on a goal you'd like to achieve but haven't yet been sure if it's what you really want, another 'paper-over' distraction and waste of time, or a 'someday-maybe' escape fantasy from something you no longer want?  Or you are doing fairly well, but feel a bit lopsided and that an internal inventory/audit might help you achieve greater harmony, congruence, and success?  Ambivalent about making a change because previous efforts, however effective in results, haven't fulfilled--and this time you want your efforts to matter on what really counts? Has the speed of life eclipsed your ability to keep up with yourself, the full actuality of who you now are, who you want and need to be going forward, and the finer contours of your guiding compass?  

If any of the above resonates with you, then this program is for you.  Why?  Because to be effective and get the results you are after, you need to know you are, what drives you, and how to resource yourself for intentional goal directed action--aligning yourself to be your best, realize your potential, and propel yourself to where you *really* want to go... and what you want to experience as you travel there... and beyond 'there', perhaps also to fulfilling places you may never even have considered.  Grass greener over there?  Better to water it and stay over here?  Some degree of both?  A coach helps you not with some magical right answer, but with dedicated and caring guided support to pivot effectively --challenging you to stretch, focus, and grow, working your resourcefulness muscles, and maintaining the flow and momentum needed to enact your vision.  Let's also be clear:  while starting with dissatisfaction is fine, this program is not about getting you to some *goal* projected out of unrealistic, narcissistic, escapist, internalized "should", or fear-based fantasies.  It is about effective and practical steps to affirmatively see useful truths of who and where you are at this time in your life, having the compass of a strengths-based, values grounded, and authentic vision of who/where you can clearly see yourself to be --in enlivening purpose, and the steady progress of intentional consistent action.

"A life coach does for living your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness." -- Elaine MacDonald

In light of an alignment and renewal you feel you may need (e.g. progress, new direction, meaninful goal), this structured 6-session coaching program will take stock of your current life circumstance and coach you through assessment and clarification of your values, strengths, life satisfaction, well-being, personality, mindfulness, life integration/balance, emotional intelligence, personality, positivity, readiness and resourcefulness for making the change -- helping you align with a more grounded foundation and re-setting your compass and focus for goals, better habits, and important decisions going forward.  

The coaching sessions will include reflective activities to process and integrate what you have learned into your vision, engage you in the process of creating an achievable agenda toward a 'must-have' desired outcome(s), and support you on challenges and momentum-building initial action steps.  To achieve maximum benefit, it is recommended that you devote at least 2 - 5 hours of dedicated time between each of the coaching sessions on reflection, assessments, exercises, and action steps (NOTE:  the six core coaching sessions must be completed in 12 weeks or less; if additional coaching sessions are desired, they can be purchased at 20% off the individual rate, adding two weeks to the program per additional coaching session).  Full engagement with this program will have you better resourced to successfully pivot, stay the course, and realize your desired outcome(s) with clarity, excitement, and committed intentional focus. 


"This hasn't just helped set me on course for what I want.  It's also helped me reload with confidence and positive directions I hadn't previously considered.  I see good results in my focus and getting the right things done." -- satisfied client

Skip this touchstone process, and you`ll be building castles in the air and trying to plant a flower garden through a mass of weeds.  Being efficient and reaching goals on the wrong things won't do you much good. Effective is doing the right things with consistent focus and intent. Your clear foundation starts here!


Includes six - 30 minute Coaching Sessions    $500   

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"Coaching isn't therapy. It's product development, with you as the product." -- Fast Company

  • Well-Being

  • Mindfulness

  • Resourcefulness and Change Readiness

  • Motivating Needs

  • Happiness and Positivity

  • Life Satisfaction/Quality of Life

Additional Programs and Services

Tailored Coaching Contracts

  • Additional follow-up and accountability plans

  • Email coaching

  • Modified/co-designed coaching contracts

  • Time based - e.g. 6 month packages

  • Energy Psychology (TFT and EFT tapping)

  • Integrative Mental Health

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