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      Behavioral Health Coaching, LLC 

About LebenWell


LebenWell Behavioral Health Coaching, LLC, is a life, health, and resilience coaching consultancy founded in Kyoto, Japan, by Dr. Christopher K. Johannes (coach "Chris") in June, 2017 to meet the need for effective, client-centered, and life-optimizing integrative behavioral health support alongside and beyond conventional “clinical" healthcare and treatment oriented counseling therapies, and to provide transformational guidance, trusted alliance, co-navigating support, and results oriented coaching to those whose main goals are to reach new levels of success, "no regrets" alignment, and flourishing in life and career.  The individualized, forward looking, and pragmatically action driven  approach of coaching can offer this support, especially when offered through accessible, convenient, and affordable online tele-coaching service options. 


The name LebenWell combines the German word "Leben"--meaning life, vitality, and to live--  with the English word "Well", which, as a noun, means "a plentiful source or supply", and as an adjective means "in good health, profitably, advantageously, in a good way, and in a condition of prosperity".  Coach Chris is a German-American health and life coach (Board Certified Coach, Master Certified Health Coach), educator (college and university professor), and integrative behavioral health professional (Licensed Professional Counselor, see more below) with over 20 years of combined experience in supporting people to fully realize and live their best, fullest, and healthiest selves.



LebenWell was initially established to fill a needed role of service to the adult English-speaking expatriate communities (residing outside the homeland) that include international company employees, members of the armed  and diplomatic services, long-stay higher education and internship students, faculty, and researchers, international non-profit, charity, and volunteer staffers, English teachers, and the adult family members of these groups.  It has since opened its services to all adult English speakers in need of health, life, and career coaching worldwide.  


Most LebenWell services are offered via tele-coaching (see FAQs) for convenience, accessibility, and affordability.  Service offerings also include mind-body integrative health and EFT Tapping consultations, special package programs (e.g. change and transition, wellness, career issues), and online interactive health and wellness workshops (Prime-Time Health series, 10 classes per workshop enrolment) for private individual, group, or EAP/corporate clients.


As the pace of change, the complexity, and the arrays of choice and responsibility in life and work domains increase, there is a need for more growth engendering, collaborative, diversity competent, and integrative supportive services to effectively address orders of intersecting need and priority toward valued outcomes desired by the client. In an era of creative disruption, many of the standard patch and repair methods fall short.  As research from numerous disciplines continues to demonstrate, we need to add practical, self-empowering, integrative, contextually sensitive person-centered support options focused on moving toward specific outcomes that matter within the context of personal strengths and resources, positive learning and development, and all that is right.  Qualified behavioral health coaching offers a safe, focused, and generative container to help effectively address this need.


Generally, LebenWell coaching services help to support, facilitate, and develop a client’s awareness, resources (inner and outer), clarity, motivation, confidence, and skills (leveraging values, capacities, talents, abilities) toward optimal living and valued goal attainment.  Coaching can help to organize thought and behavior, structure the change and transformation process, see into blind spots and find hidden opportunities, and clarify not only the bigger picture, but the contours of a more meaningfully lived journey along the way.  In this way, coaching is practical, client driven, and forward looking.  It focuses on strengths, capacities, and an effective way to attain desired goals and outcomes within the clarity of one's integrity and guiding values. 


Your LebenWell coach is trained, certified, and experienced to help you co-think, confidently resource yourself, organize, and take effective action toward your goals -- moving forward toward  desired outcomes that matter and are within your control and power to achieve through your own thought and action.  Your LebenWell coach will not offer you standard healthcare diagnoses or “treatment” for any kind of diagnosable physical or psychological condition.  Coaching is not a “therapy” or counseling and will not take the place of appropriate medical and psychological care for such conditions.   

The scientific, evidence, and consensus based methods of coaching used rely on the fields of positive and coaching psychology, motivational interviewing, appreciative inquiry, interpersonal neurobiology, solution-focused and cognitive behavioral psycho-educational practices, energy medicine, integral studies, and integrative health sciences.  Guided by an Integral underpinning, these and other fields may be drawn on for client "lifestyle experiments/ homework" between coaching sessions.  The actual conversations during a consultation will typically be supportive, encouraging, clarifying, challenging, insightful, motivating, and otherwise quite natural in a typically enjoyable relational flow, often much like you would observe in sports coaching, mentoring, or various types of consulting and advising, or even a good conversation or close "pep-talk" with a trusted friend (definitely not as convoluted as the writing here ! :))  The chemistry and targets of the relationship between client and coach will determine the actual flavor of the interaction.


Health and wellness coaching alone, or in collaboration with other members of an allied healthcare team (e.g. primary care MD, therapist), can help prevent unwanted conditions (mind-body, social, work-related), promote health and wellness, and effectively manage lifestyle and behavioral change that support successful outcomes for existing conditions.  Personal life and career coaching can help you get clear on where/who you are and where/who you would like to be going forward, support you in creating empowering habits to effectively manage your fundamentals (e.g. sleep, nutrition, exercise/movement, breathing, energy/state, mindfulness,  environment) throughout the process, hold the space for navigating  change and new ways of relating, support strategic pathways to uplevel performance, instigate growth and self-sufficient means, inspire your muse to new directions and meaningful transformations, stay in valued alignment, co-design the structure and organization needed, and assist in locating and leveraging the inner and outer resources and skills needed to successfully overcome obstacles and intentionally live a meaningful, vibrant, and fulfilling life. 

About Christopher

My passion in life is living it fully and helping others do the same!

I grew up in very challenging and relatively impoverished international circumstances, but was fortunate enough to have some loving and supportive people in my life that helped me see, be grateful for, and utilize all that was right, all the resources in and around me, and all the beauty and power of the individual will, imagination, collective kinship, nature, Grace, and the divine.  This led me to trust in myself, others, and life to move forward with faith and a basic confidence and trust no matter what came.  It also led me to my ongoing journey of learning about how to manifest wellness, fulfillment, and thriving in life and a career calling to help others manifest the same. 

Birth to present:  I was adopted as a "no name" infant into an internationally mobile home, soon broken, and lived my formative years well below the poverty line.  Growing up, nothing came easy, nothing seemed normal, and stuckness, lack, and obstacles seemed to be all around me.  Living and learning about the "nature/nurture" debate in human unfolding more poignantly than most, I discovered much about what it really means to be "healthy and well", the power of the human will and spirit, as well as how to be grateful for and leverage all that I could to move forward with love, necessity, and a vision of what and where I wanted to be and why as my compass.  Fast forward 30 or so years:  before I ever even knew what an INFJ (MBTI personality) was, I found myself living as the quintessential  INFJ "Counselor/Advocate" example in my interest and career paths ...and have since travelled the world, been a movie star and writer, established counseling and therapy clinics, enjoyed private practice as a body worker and homeopathic doctor, taught and mentored adults from around the world to success, worked with international NPOs, created and led vanguard educational programs, and have been recognized for my contributions thus far... all in all, a story in alignment with the private mojo of an INFJ.  Now:  that's the build up to present midlife, bringing it all together as a coach to support others to live fully and effectively in alignment and love in a way that really matters.


Fortunately, life also made me very VERY curious about how it all works, and there is no end to my love of learning.  So, alongside personal experience, my coaching presence is also informed by formal trainings and qualifications undertaken along the way:  psychology (health and counseling psychology, M.A.,; transpersonal psychology, PhD), higher education (M.Ed.), complementary and alternative medicine (D.Sc. honoris causa), energy medicine and integral health (Ph.D., honoris causa), energy psychology (TFT Dx), personal training (Dip PT), polarity therapy (RPP, BCPP), Reiki (2), homeopathic medicine (D.Hom., DHM, D.I.Hom. HD R.Hom., MARH), holistic health counseling (CHHC), professional counseling (NCC, LPC, LMHC), mediation (NACM), neurolinguistic programming (MNLP), spiritual intelligence coaching (Cert. SQ21), behavioral medicine (Cert.B.M.), positive psychology (Cert. P.Psy.), Integral Studies (Core Integral 1 Cert), life coaching (Cert. E/LC; BCC - Board Certified Coach, Master Certified Life Coach), health coaching (MCHC - Master Certified Health Coach)... and many more. 


All of those are brought together within the greater field of Integrative Behavioral Health and Life Coaching, which extend the options and access of care to include evidence-based traditional and non-conventional modalities of wellness, and to support a life enhancing forward momentum to realize success and thrive.  My most notable published works (e.g. Homeopathy and Mental Health Care:  Integrative Principles, Practice, and Research), clinical and counseling experience (e.g. Johannes-Brooke Associates in the U.K., and Rokkaku Tanaka Clinic in Japan), coaching practices, and non-profit sector work (Akamai University; co-Director, Health division, Global Listening Centre) have reflected this integration... which, as a coach means not only a deeper and wider tool-kit to draw on, but a deeper and wider understanding and presence to hold the space as I work with my clients. 


As with the clients I support, shoulder-to-shoulder, I also continue to learn and grow through my practices and relationships, with an affirmative and humble bow to the people I am honored, blessed, and grateful to serve.

As a relatively new "home grown" sole-proprietor business, LebenWell also has learning and growth trajectory ahead, and may bring on additional qualified coaching associates.  Then and now, I look forward to serving you !

Christopher K. Johannes, Ph.D

LebenWell Founder, Owner, Coach

Kyoto, Japan

Christopher K. Johannes, Ph.D.

Christopher's profile on LinkedIn

Christopher's MBTI = INFJ

Kolbe Profile  8-5-5-2

HSP, Enneagram 1 - 4 - 7

Negotiator/Explorer (NeuroColor/Fisher)

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